Is Squarespace better than WordPress?

The question of whether Squarespace better than WordPress comes up frequently. Here are some things to consider.

The question really comes down to what your website needs to do. There is functionality that Squarespace won’t support or allow. There is nothing, literally, that WordPress won’t allow if it’s self-hosted. If you are on for hosting, it’s not exactly anything goes, but plugins allow for a massive variety of functionality. It’s really a matter of which is the right tool for the job.

How the website looks is the result of the theme and not the platform.

Which one looks better?

How the website looks is the result of the theme and not the platform. Squarespace has a limited number of well-curated templates. WordPress has tens of thousands of available themes. This doesn’t take into account the thousands more custom build themes but organizations large and small. Personally, I think the provided themes are comparable to those provided by Squarespace.

Which one should you choose?

While the features, like ecommerce, that Squarespace provides is expanding, there is no comparison with the capabilities of WordPress. Because WordPress open-source software. it allows for infinite customization via its plugin, theme and block editor architecture.

There is no doubt that Squarespace is a great product. WordPress is both a platform and a product, so the comparison is not apt. WordPress’s product offering on is a direct competitor to Squarespace (and Wix and Weebly et al), but once your website needs expand, WordPress is going to pull ahead.

Will this always be the case? It’s hard to say. Right now, WordPress is the clear winner.

The fact is that you need to figure out what features that you need and match the product to those requirements. Who knows, you might choose something else entirely!

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