How We Work

With small business and individuals

Are you starting a business? Do you have a first or second generation websites that needs help? Are you ready to expand beyond Facebook?

We’re layman friendly, and can help you navigate the complex world of the web. Seriously.

With design firms & agencies

Typical engagements:

  • Building and implementing code for website designs that you supply
  • Design and build a website based on the client’s existing branding.
  • We can work in the background, taking direction from you, or
  • We can function as temporary team members, participating in meetings and conference calls.
  • We can be brought in at the planning stage, helping to scope the project
  • We can participate in design reviews to offer advice from the developer’s perspective.

We will, of course, respect your relationship with your client.

Talk to us early in your project’s life cycle.

Our experience in building hundreds of websites has shown that the earlier in the process that potential challenges and opportunities can be identified, the more quickly and efficiently a project can be completed.

A properly structured hand-off of assets from the creative team to the programmers can have a real impact on cost and time to launch or market.

Also, early involvement is essential to identify what we call “show stoppers” – technical facts that might prevent your project from moving forward as originally defined.

No RFP? No problem.

Send us an email with a quick note about your project and lets set up a time to talk. We offer free consultation about your project with a follow up email that describes what we see as the scope and the tasks associated with your project.

We’ll collaborate with you to refine this into a formal proposal that then functions as our agreement. We also encourage clients to shop around. Take the result of our initial conversation and show it to other firms. We are confident in our work, and welcome competition.

For larger projects, where more time would be required to generate an RFP, you can hire us to do requirements gathering and author a formal document that you can shop to other vendors. We offer this service because we believe that a project success can only be measured by how well it satisfies the requirements.