We are agile technologists

Web technologies are constantly changing and evolving – daily in some cases. The technology that we support is not finite. A key part of Reignition’s core competency is the ability to quickly assimilate new technologies and deploy them into a production environments.

Reignition offers capable and creative web development support for web design firms and interactive agencies in the following areas.

Website Development

We implement your design and functionality requirements faithfully, building websites using content management tools and integrating third party APIs, email newsletter systems, and more.

We specialize in developing custom themes in WordPress. In fact, we are well versed in all aspects of the WordPress ecosystem like choosing an appropriate host, plugin selection, business systems integration, e-commerce and security.

Project Consulting

Experience-based advice on choosing technology for the project, defining specifications, evaluating current business processes, choosing vendors, setting project scope, and defining tasks.

Careful project planning at the outset often prevents embarrassing and expensive issues down the road.

Front End Development

We specialize in building templates using standards compliant, semantic markup using CSS and Javascript and their related libraries (jQuery, SCSS etc.) for integration with enterprise software like CRM, content management or email marketing.

Our extensive experience in this area assures efficient production based on documentation reviews and testing.