Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

“My website is #1 on Google’s search results page!”

This is what many businesses would like to say, and often expect the web site developer to ensure that this be the case. The fact is, as you might image, that it’s rarely that easy.

Despite what you may have been told, this is not possible without Google’s cooperation. If your search phrase is very specific (Example: Helga’s Helicopter Repair in Helena MT) you have a very good chance of being number one. If your search phrase is more general, i.e. “graphic designer”, there can be tens of millions of results when that phrase is searched. The key is to target phrases that will help your business stand out among your competitors.

What Reignition can do is to position your site in the best way possible for Google to index your content. We can do this because we know the steps that make your site very “indexable”. This means authoring the markup (the source code of the page) using Google’s current, specific guidance on how that should be done.

We’ll also add a site map, which is a page that is not in navigation, but gives Google summary of the pages on your site and how often they change. The summary is easier for Google to index, and your search results are rewarded.

For clients that want ongoing insight into their site’s performance, we can set up and train you on Google Analytics and Google Search Console both of which provide detailed insight on your site’s performance. You can also, of course, hire us to monitor and report on those services as well.

There are search engine placement firms or marketing shops that will promise a #1 result in Google. Experience shows us that this can be either very costly, untrue or both. Search engine placement can happen organically and we strongly suggest that as your initial approach.

Some clients have a marketing or paid advertising form ready at the start of their project, and we’ll work seamlessly with those firms to work toward your goals.